Depression or Sadness Counselling

quote-about-hopeDepression is the most common psychological condition, and most people experience it at one point or another in their lives.

Symptoms of depression include lethargy, low self esteem, a feeling of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, dysphoric mood and even suicidal thoughts. People who are depressed usually feel a lack of energy and a lack of pleasure and they may be agitated or irritable.

Since there are so many causes to depression, which boils down to a natural response to life experiences (a defence mechanism), each situation warrants a thorough investigation into the exact catalyst. Depending on what causes a specific incidence of depression, a treatment plan can be developed to help the individual deal with his or her emotions.

Some people are predisposed to depression in that it can run in the family. In many cases, it is learned when someone is constantly exposed to it.

Counselling can help a person to adapt to life changes that are causing grief, such as with bereavement, relationship or marital issues. Systemic therapy is helpful in family therapy, where the efforts of the whole family can help the individual. Psychodynamic therapy helps a person to find the hidden psychological defences that cause problems to manifest. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the problem at hand, providing solutions to day-to-day issues and finding ways to restructure negative thought patterns. Hypnotherapy helps a person connect with their subconscious mind, and with a therapist’s guidance form insights into unwanted behaviors and thought patterns and then change them.

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Feedback from One of Our Clients Who Had Suffered From Depression:

Thank you for giving me an outlet to address and confront my repressed feelings. You’ve been incredibly kind and professional, which puts me at ease when I share my emotions. Not only did you make me feel better about myself in general, my negative feelings toward certain people in my life have also dissipated. Overall, I’m happy and grateful for our therapy sessions because they put a lot of things in my life in perspective for me, giving me a better clarity of mind to deal with negative situations I encounter. Also, I’m genuinely a happier person after having had 5 sessions with you, which has drastically improved my quality of life. Thank you once again.


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