Counselling On Grief and Loss

Counselling On Grief and Loss

Grief is a natural response to a significant loss. It is the emotional suffering you would feel when something dear to you or someone you love is taken away from you. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief will be.  Example of  losses that can cause grief: Loss of a  family member, loss of health,divorce or relationship breakup, A miscarriage,  loss of financial stability, loss of a job, serious illness of a family member or of a loved one, Loss of a friendship, loss of a pet,  to name just a few of the most common causes of grief.

Grief is generally not understood by the general public and there are even a number of myths about grief such as “The pain will go away faster if you ignore it”, and “It is important to be “strong” in the face of a loss”.

There is a widely accepted theory that states that there are five main stages of grief:
1. Denial: “This can’t be happening to me.”

2. Anger: “Why is this happening to me? Who is to blame for it?”

3. Bargaining: “Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”

4. Depression: “I am too sad to do anything.”

5. Acceptance: “I am at peace with what has happened.”

One may not need to go through three all of stages, or any two different persons may not spend the same time and feel the same level of emotional intensity involved in each stage.

Counselling and therapy help the person to heal faster , experience less pain, and come even stronger from this painful experience to live a fuller life.

A grieving person may experience a number of emotional pains such as shock , disbelief, sadness, guilt , fear, anxiety, and depression-like feeling that comes and goes which make make grieve be mistaken for a depression.

Counselling and therapy offer a natural and safe path to healing. We would be glad to discuss with you your particular grief situation, and share with you options of safe healing, in a no obligation free consultation that we offer to our prospective clients. Please feel at ease and take a first step to signup for your free consultation, with no cost or obligation to you.

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